What Is Coochie Power™?

Coochie Power™ is a women’s empowerment movement determined to encourage, ignite and influence women all over the world to embrace, express and exude their personal power.

We are all born with significant, extraordinary and immortal powers.  Women are distinctly special because of the ability to create life. Women are vital to mankind’s existence, women account for half of the world’s population and women are making strides, in ways never imagined, to better our world.  Women like Oprah who changed the world through her television network, Mother Teresa who changed the world by using her life to be a living example of God, Beyonce' who changed the world with her music and Hillary who WILL be our first woman President of the United States are perfect examples of "exuding" Coochie Power.


The Coochie Power Brand has created the optimal expression vehicle and is ready to celebrate by offering an opportunity to  PERSONALIZE  and MAXIMIZE your individual  Coochie Power™.

The Coochie Power Brand provides a creative outlet and opportunity for women to expose themselves to new interests and encourage other women while enlightening one another.  The CPower Community host a variety of empowerment events and activities inspiring unity, positiveness and friendship among women.  Coochie Power Brand's Camaraderie University offers 24/7 access to a dynamic community services, resources and opportunities to our members. Services, resources and opportunities opening the gateway for our members to accessing their best self.



Your support means everything.

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The Coochie Power™ Movement is so proud to boast our global support. We are so grateful to have empowered women from all over the world proudly representing themselves, their families, their business and communities through Coochie Power™. We can't have enough support, please join today, it's free.  Click below if you want to Plug Into Our Power. 

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