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If you’re currently attending Town Hall meetings, thank you for your service! You are the perfect candidate for the Town Hall Monitor program. It is a simple program that’s designed for citizens who already attend or interested in attending Town Hall meetings their local area. The Town Hall Monitor program collects local Town Hall information, as well as insert our Int'l WM Leaders to hold them accountable. You'll help us track things like message, attendance, effectiveness and satisfaction.
Int'l Women Marchers mission is to recognize past, present & future citizens for civic activities and advocacy. We love to celebrate our Town Hall Monitors.  We’d love to have more Town Hall Monitors. Our path to equality, justice and fairness depends on ordinary citizens like you.

International Women Marchers uses Facebook Town Hall as an excellent resource for the Town Hall Monitor program.
The program is so simple. Sign up  here, if you haven't already.  
1. Sign up with the Town Hall Monitor Program
2. Join the Town Hall Monitor Facebook Page Town Hall Monitor Facebook Group Page
3. Contribute your Town Hall Monitor findings to the Facebook Page

What is Town Hall on Facebook?
Town Hall is a place on Facebook for civic discovery and engagement where you can:
  • See the names and contact information of local, state and federal government officials representing you.
  • Contact your government officials directly through Facebook.
  • Connect with your government officials by following them.
To access Town Hall, go to
Or access through your Facebook account:
Keep in mind that you may need to enter your address to see local government officials who represent your area. Even after entering your address, you may not see all your government representatives. Some representatives may not appear in Town Hall because they're not on Facebook or haven't entered the political office they hold.
Contacting Your Government Representative
If you're using a mobile device, you'll also be able to contact your government representatives by email, Facebook message or call when you interact with one of their posts in News Feed.